What Is Rowga?

Rowga delivers a high intensity, low-impact, full body workout that anyone can do. By combining the Concept2 indoor rower with resistance bands, light weights, and yoga style core exercises, we train every muscle group in your body. Rowga is designed to improve endurance and build lean muscle, getting you the results you want.

We’re like your bootcamp... but better.

High Intensity

Rowga is designed with bursts of high intensity working intervals coupled with active recovery that helps to increase aerobic capacity and improve endurance. The combination of rowing programmed with resistance bands, light weights, and core strengthening movements creates a workout specifically designed to torch body fat and build lean muscle.

Full Body

Rowing is an exercise that involves 84% of all the muscles in the body. With every stroke the legs work to propel the body backwards, the arms and back work to pull the handle towards the chest, while the core works to keep the body stable. Rowga is truly a total body workout that hits every major muscle group - every class - every time!

Low Impact

Whether you’re 18 or 80, Rowga is highly effective and safe for everyone. Since the rowing machine offers a non-weight bearing, low impact exercise it is safe for virtually everyone. Our coaches are armed with modifications and options to ensure individuals of all fitness levels can participate in the workouts and see great results.

Current Schedule

Classes Monday - Friday:
12:15pm - 1:15pm
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Ready to Get Started?

Join our crew and revolutionize your workout one meter at a time.

We are located at 13637 Providence Road, Weddington, NC 28104. Make sure to arrive 15 minutes early for your first class.

Have questions? We have answers. Email us at rowgafit@gmail.com.